1. Drunk woman staggered into the shop today and said it smells like beer in here!

  2. There’s this sweet potato in our kitchen that’s sprouting or budding or something, like there’s a plant growing off of it four inches tall by now. And the longer we leave it there the less likely anyone will want to disturb it by eating the sweet potato. I don’t know what’s going to happen

  3. Everyone I love is out driving in the rain please don’t let them die

  4. I still can’t stop thinking about a bad interaction I had with a customer on Sunday

  5. Today a squirrel let me pet under his little chin

  6. Ahhh that time of year when the A/C breaks down and the only thing to do is spend your days on the back porch, spraying yourself down with the hose every half an hour

  7. A full 40% or so of the wikipedia Easter page is about calculating the date

  8. For some reason 3 different people have lately said they love my voice / hearing me speak and it’s really up there in the most pleasing compliments of my life

  9. I’m washing the dishes for my friend’s housemates and loving it

  10. I just attended a choir performance thing where there were some UN dignitaries in the audience so I guess you could say I’ve got connections at the UN now

  11. Look how this cat sits.  All the time

  12. I’d seen lasers in James Bond films, where they could cut people in half. I first saw one in a rock concert when I went to see Led Zeppelin at Earls Court in London, and I remember thinking, ‘How brave is that Robert Plant? He’s standing right in front of this thing and it could cut him clean in half…’
    — Paul McCartney
  13. I really like that cylindrical pyramid shape

  14. Learning an instrument is one of the best things for feeling better because the progress (practicing leading to rewards) is so clear cut and the room to improve is practically endless, infinite opportunities to get the sense of accomplishment that all lead easily off each other

  15. Conspiracy theorist types bother me like nothing else and once these things get invented they are ineradicable no matter how bizarrely stupid they are